Acquisitions AFM


Après un American Film Market chargé, The Searchers est fier d’annoncer que ces acquisitions seront ajoutées au programme. Les projets se situent encore à différentes phases du processus de production. On prévoit une sortie en salles belges en 2021.


En production
Action, Crime

Synopsis: ‘Cash Truck’ follows H (Statham), a terse and mysterious character who takes a job at a cash-truck company that is responsible for moving hundreds of millions of dollars each week. Having recently been the target of a deadly heist, the tight-knit crew of armed guards view H with suspicion, unable to determine if the newcomer is an undercover cop, an ex-military hero, or a criminal mastermind.  As the crew comes under increasing attack, the story shifts exhilaratingly across timelines and between various characters’ perspectives, before H reveals his true motives in the film’s final, explosive act.

Réalisateur: Guy Ritchie (‘Aladdin’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’)
Casting: Jason Statham, Josh Hartnett, Holt McCallany


En preproduction
Action, Thrilleur

Synopsis: ‘The Plane’ is a real time action thriller that follows commercial pilot Ray Torrance (Butler) who after a heroic job of successfully landing his storm-damaged aircraft in a war zone, finds himself caught between the agendas of multiple militia who are planning to take the plane and its passengers hostage. As the world’s authorities and media search for the disappeared aircraft, Ray must rise to the occasion and keep his passengers safe long enough for help to arrive.

Casting: Gerard Butler


En preproduction
Action, Crime

Synopsis: ‘The Asset’ follows Anna (Maggie Q) and Rembrandt (Keaton) – two of the world’s premier assassins who share a mysterious past from Vietnam. For years, they traversed the globe competing for high-profile contracts. But when Anna’s mentor Moody (Jackson) is murdered, she and Rembrandt must form an uneasy alliance and return to Vietnam to track down his killer.

Réalisateur: Martin Campbell (‘Casino Royale’, ‘The Foreigner’)
Casting: Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Maggie Q



En preproduction

Synopsis: The plot is being kept under wraps.

Réalisateur: Alexandra Aja (‘Crawl’, ‘Piranha 3D’)
Casting: Noomi Rapace



En postproduction
Horreur, Thrilleur

Synopsis: Two couples embark on a weekend getaway to the seemingly perfect house they’ve booked online. But what begins as a celebratory weekend for Charlie (Dan Stevens), Michelle (Alison Brie), Josh (Jeremy Allen White) and Mina (Sheila Vand) turns into something far more sinister as they realize they may not be alone.

Réalisateur: Dave Franco
Casting: Alison Brie, Dan Stevens, Toby Huss



En preproduction

Synopsis: On Halloween night, a young woman discovers a cryptic note pleading for help in a candy wrapper. When the police dismiss it as a prank, she’s left alone to determine which house is handing out the candy and save the victim trapped inside.

10-31 is a hauntingly classic Halloween thriller from genre legend Eli Roth (‘Cabin Fever’, ‘Hostel’) and Roger Birnbaum (‘Glass’, ‘The Magnificent Seven’).

Producer: Eli Roth